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INCAS New Business Development Department
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Strategy Unit

International Collaboration Unit - Head Claudia DOBRE

Intellectual Property Unit - Head Alina MARCU

Image Marketing Unit - Head Leonard ULMEANU-ANGELESCU

  • Publications Unit - Head Elena NEBANCEA

The New Business Development Department is a rather restricted department in terms of personnel (4% of total INCAS personnel as FTE) but a major component of INCAS with respect to business strategy, international cooperation and a facilitator for new business development in R&D at national and international level.

The group of people involved in this department have a unique experience, either with respect to a long involvement in complex industrial projects for civil and military applications, or in international cooperation, mainly in EU projects. Their role is to provide guidelines for the global strategy of INCAS as a research establishment, to increase national and international visibility of the company and to provide new development strategic directions.

There are four units working in this department:

Strategy Unit: - Unit based on a group of personalities, working either as full time employees or part-time, but all with a huge experience in aerospace activities. At the same time, part of this unit is working as advisors to the General Director on specific projects and contracts. This unit is providing major strategy guidelines for INCAS development as a research establishment and advise with respect to strategic partnerships, mainly with industry.

International Collaboration Unit: - Unit in charge with major contracts and support actions coming from INCAS participation mainly in EU FP6/FP7 projects. This unit also acts as an interface to all mobility programs where INCAS participates and enables developments for human resources in the international context and legislation.

Intellectual Property Unit: - Major component of the INCAS business strategy, this unit is in charge with all problems raised by an institute that delivers technology to the industry and has a strong background with respect to industrial products in service for civil and military customers. This unit is supported by external advise with respect to sensitive legal matters and international legislation.

Publications Unit: - INCAS has a long tradition for publications. A major achievement of the last years is INCAS Bulletin, a journal with international distribution and ranking in R&D for aerospace sciences. Also, this unit is in charge with the two major conferences organized every other year by INCAS, namely "AEROSPATIAL" and "Caius Iacob", under the aegis of Romanian Academy of Sciences.