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INCAS Institutional Policy Department
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Procurement Unit - Head Corina BALAURU


BDS Unit - Head Lucia CONSTANTIN

Legal Office - Head Ioan TOMA

INCAS is the leading establishment for aerospace sciences in Romania, with a strong position as a major company in R&D area. The Institutional Policy Department is facing grand challenges coming from the legal status and business environment, meeting all requirements from public legislation and specific sectorial standards.

As a public body, INCAS meets the legislative requirements and internal business procedures and practices using the following units:

Procurement Unit: - Unit organized according to the public law, in charge with the acquisition and procurement procedures. This unit faces increasing challenges from the growing investments in R&D infrastructure, mainly for Maneciu experimental platform.

AQ & CASTI Unit: -Unit with a long tradition for INCAS, major agent with respect to the policy for quality and excellence of the company. All activities with respect to the internal quality validation are monitored by this unit. Also, this unit provides the quality certificate, according to ISO and other standards in place, to all INCAS beneficiaries.

BDS Unit: - Unit in charge with restricted access documents and strategic archives, organized under the current legislation. This unit is mainly linked with major military projects and special activities performed by INCAS.

Legal Office: - Office organized with a major focus on the R&D legislation, either for internal and international activities. This unit provides basic support in all contractual matters and has been constantly updated with respect to the new legislation in contracts, mainly et EU level. Also, this unit provides basic support for all IPR related matters in R&D activities, using external specialized support in critical areas.