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INCAS Research and Development Department
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Flow Physics Department - Head Victor PRICOP

  • General Aerodynamics - Head Stefan BOGOS
  • Numerical Simulation - Head Dumitru PEPELEA
  • Experimental Aerodynamics - Head Corneliu STOICA
  • Environmental Aerodynamics - Head Andreea CALCAN (BOSCORNEA)

Systems Department - Head Ion-Guta Dragos Daniel

  • System Dynamics - Head Florentin SPERLEA
  • Mechatronics - Head George TECUCEANU
Structures and Materials Department - Head Ion DIMA
  • Aero-Structures - Head Dorin LOZICI-BRINZEI
  • New Materials - Head Adriana STEFAN

Research Groups

The R&D department is the main component of INCAS structure, with almost 60% of the personnel and more than 80% of the personnel with university degree. The R&D department counts for 80% of the total business of INCAS in direct area of activities, from national and international contracts.

With respect to the INCAS policy, R&D department has the following structure :

  • Flow Physics Department - 23% of INCAS personnel
  • Systems Department - 14% of INCAS personnel
  • Structures & Materials Department - 20% of INCAS personnel

Traditionally INCAS has been associated with all major R&D and industrial projects in aeronautics in Romania, for civil and military usage. The structure in place before 1990 included all components of an institution recognized as DOA - Design Organization by civil and military authorities, using more than 2,500 employees. This structure has disappeared due to a lack of capability from industry to support development of certificated products in aeronautics. It was a challenging process for INCAS to preserve certification capability for aeronautical products and to integrate as a research establishment with almost 90% of the business in R&D activities.

Starting 2007 INCAS has initiated a restructuring policy with respect to existing potential and available infrastructure, so that most of the researchers and teams could better benefit from the institutional support and policy of the company.


INCAS R&D department is the main driver for INCAS as a research establishment recognized at international level as the interface with Romanian aeronautical industry and all strategies developed by INCAS are centered around constant development of world class competencies in this department.

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