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INCAS Economic Department
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Financial Unit - Head  Fanica ENE

Planning & Marketing Unit - Head Marin BURGHIU

Human Resources Unit - Head Camelia BOGATEANU

Assets Administration Unit - Head Colorian LEON

The Economic Department is a specialized entity with extensive experience in the economic problems related to R&D activities, able to face new challenges imposed by a very complex business environment. At the same time this department has adapted to the major changes of the legislation, either imposed by changes of the legal status of INCAS or by the EU legislation for FP6/FP7

As part of the constant policy of INCAS towards efficiency in R&D, the structure of this department has been designed for maximum productivity with an optimum number of specialists. The result is a department with 7.5% of the total personnel of INCAS, but preserving all key positions in the economic and administrative structure requested by the legislation and INCAS internal procedures.

The activity is based on a four internal unit, as follow:

Financial Unit: - Unit dedicated to all financial administration of the company according to the legislation, also interfacing with requirements from EU with respect to FP6/FP7 financial administration.

Planning & Marketing Unit: - Unit in charge with all major centralized policies involving contracts and business planning, either in the preliminary phase for prospective activity and in the finalization phase with respect to R&D business evaluation. The marketing activity is tailored with respect to the R&D, focusing on innovation and spin-off.

Human Resources Unit: - Small and efficient unit, involved in critical areas of human resources for R&D, facing major challenges imposed by the constant policy of INCAS towards young researchers integration and international cooperation through exchange programs.

Assets Administration Unit: -This is a new unit in INCAS administrative organization, imposed by the unique infrastructure for research and new investments in R&D. Major challenges for this unit are linked to a major investment in Maneciu platform and ATMOSLAB infrastructure.

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