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Technical Services Department
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INCAS has a large experimental platform, on two locations: Militari-Bucharest and Maneciu, Prahova district and important area dedicated to offices on Militari platform. Basic functionalities and utilities, as well as energy supply for the wind tunnels is a very demanding task for a specialized department in charge with this support activity.

Based on the specialization of the required services, three units are involved in this challenging activity:

IT & Logistics Unit : This unit has the responsibility to deliver IT services to INCAS, using state-of-the-art technologies in computer science, telecommunications, on-line and on-demand logistical services. This unit is also responsible for the global communication network, including security systems and access control to the infrastructure

Mecano-electro Unit :Unit dedicated to global maintenance services for the technical systems of the research infrastructure, as well as for the basic functionalities for the utilities. Due to the technical nature and origin of the electro-mechanical systems serving the experimental facilities, mainly the wind tunnels, this unit has unique expertise with respect to maintenance and monitoring of the systems involved.

The Power Station: - Unit of particular importance due to the high power consumption of the wind tunnels. This unit is also serving a broader industrial community for historical reasons, while still acting as an independent energy distributor according to the Romanian laws. It is organized as a business center and has some financial independence due to the added value of the services provided to the industrial clients in Militari platform.


INCAS location on Militari Platform - (14 ha, 12.000m2 offices)