Research Groups
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 T1 - New Concepts for Advanced ATS - Team leader: dr. Sorin RADNEF

T2 - Health Monitoring Research Team (SHMRT) - Team leader: dr. Ioan URSU

T3 - Advanced Materials for Aeronautical Industry -Team leader: dr. Victor MANOLIU

T4 - Advanced Simulators for Aerospace Applications - Team leader: Alexandru ANDREEV

T5 - Aerospace technology transfers to energetics - Team leader: Ion NILA

T6 - Atmospherical Environment Research - Team leader: Mihai FLORIEAN

T7 - Clean Sky Flight Demonstrator – BLADE - Team leader: Alexandru COPAESCU

T8 - Conceptual Design for a New Generation of Air Vehicles - Team leader: dr. Eduard POPA

T9 - Experimental Aero-acoustic - Team leader: Corneliu Stoica

T10 - Flight Dynamics Guidance and Control - Team leader: dr. Sorin RADNEF

T11 - Flow Control Technologies - Team leader: dr. Catalin NAE

T12 - GRA-Low Noise - Team leader: Corneliu Stoica

T13 - Clean Sky High Lift Active Control Technologies - Team leader: Mihai Victor Pricop

T14 - IAR-XT/NEW GENERATION  - Team leader: Simion TATARU

T15 - International cooperation: Young researchers’ education and training - Team leader: Claudia DOBRE

T16 - Material sciences: Thermal shock analysis - Team leader: Gheorghe Ionescu

T17 - INCAS Mechatronics and Adaptronics Research Team (MART) - Team leader: George TECUCEANU

T18 - INCAS Morphing Research Team (MRT) - Team leader: Adrian TOADER

T19 - New Experimental Techniques in Aerodynamics - Team leader: dr. Florin MUNTEANU

T20 - Numerical Simulation for Large Scale Industrial Flows - Team leader: Mihai Victor Pricop

T21 - Unconventional Aerodynamics for Micro-Air Vehicles - Team leader: dr. Valentin BUTOESCU

T22 - Clean Sky biz jetafterbody - Team leader: dr. Daniela BARAN

Representative project

Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft - Integrated Technology Demonstrator “SFWA-ITD” - Team leader: dr. Catalin NAE

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